Fossa, S.Eusanio Forconese, Stiffe E Fontecchio

Direction: for about 10 km the s.s. 17 for Pescara, deviation to the right proceeding on s.s. 261 direction S. Demetrio, after about 12 km on the right follow the road for Fossa | Duration of the visit: ½ day


It was the city of Vestinbi, ancient Aveia a roman prefix. It is advisable to visit the parochial Church (XVIII century) and Santa Maria ad Criptas (second half of the XIII century) entirely decorated. From the center of Fossa you can go up about 2 Km until you come to the Convento di S. Angelo d\'Ocre, built maybe on the Acropoly of Aveia while continuing from the southern part for about 1 Km you can reach the Monastery of S. Silvestro d\'Ocre built starting from the XII century.

S. Eusanio Forconese

Ancient parochial built between the VII and the IX century, it can be reached by the highway going toward south-east.


A small village at the feet of the Grotte di Stiffe, of carsica origins can be visited with a guide in 60 minutes, is about 2 Km going in the southern direction on the s.s. 261.


It can be reached going up s.s. 261 subequana (about 10 Km) . Its of a medieval origin and its architectural styles are recognizable in the fountain of 1300 and in some other home – store. Interesting, furthermore, is the tower with the clock: one of the oldest ones in Italy.