Villages Walls and Castles

Direction: Pescara, s.s.17 | Duration of the visit ½ day to 1 day

S. Stefano di Sessanio

After about 15 Km of S.S. 17 direction PE you must turn left towards Barisciano (ruins of ancient fortification) and you go up about 9 km . The village which is intact , is overcome by a big medicca tower which can be visited.

Castelvecchio Calvisio

Can be reached after 6 km from Calascio and you go down for about 3 km. The little section perfectly kept, is closed by case-mura has the characteristics of outside steps.


You can reach Calascio by the same road. A Village made of stone at the feet of an important Castle and by a fascinating Rocca Calascio (set for numerous films), almost not habited , you may reach it by foot. Solitary and overwhelming church of S. Maria della Pietà, and octagonal base.

Castel del Monte

Continuing going up in the direction of Gran Sasso for about 7 Km, you can reach this village, the last inhabited centre at the feet of Gran Sasso. You can visit the old nucleolus, the Ricetto , and the entire village positioned on different levels connected by covered passages. Famous for the ovine : traditional passage for the transhumance.