Duomo di San Massimo

The Dome is dedicated to the Saint Patron of the City and protector of L\'Aquila San Massimo a martyr of Aveda it was built in the XII century and reconstructed after the earthquake of 1703. The face is neoclassical style, it goes back to 1851 and is characterized by four tonic columns on the inferior part of the two lateral towers. Above the architrave of the major door there are visible stems: the stem of the Pontificate, the stem of the Metropolitan Chapter and the stem of the Archbishop. The inside is characterized by a wide central naiveté, and the two minor naiveté and it is where the tomb of Agnifili di Silvestro of L\'Aquila is kept, a precious ligneous core of the ‘700 hundreds and painted during the XV-XIX centuries. The major alter (XVIII century) , under which where placed the remains of San Massimo, is attributed to Mannella of Pescocostanzo.

Basilica di Collemaggio

In 1275 Pietro fa Morrone, coming back from Lion stopped to rest in a place near the city called Collemaggio. In a dream Pietro gathered the desire of...

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San Berardino
Basilica di S. Bernardino

The Basilica di S. Bernardino of Siena is the biggest renascent in Abruzzo and began to be built in 1454 after a few years from the death of San Berna...

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Fontana 99 Cannelle
Fontana delle 99 Cannelle

The Fontana delle 99 Cannelle, called the Riviera, was initially built for two sided in 1272 by the wish of the governor Lucchesino Aleta to remember...

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Forte Spagnolo
Spanish Fort

The Spanish Fort, commonly called the Castle, was constructed in 1534 by Prince Filiberto d\'Orange, in the place where in 1401, King Ladislao erected...

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