L'Aquila, S.Demetrio, Prata D'Ansidonia, Peltuinum e Bominaco

Direction: Pescara. S.S.17 | Duration: from ½ day to 1 day

S. Demetrio ne\' Vestini

You leave s.s. 17 at 10 Km from the city, you turn right at the height of S. Gregorio; you reach S. Demetrio after about 9 Km of flat road. You can see the parochial church of the ‘600 S. Maria dei Raccomandati ( a visit to S. Luca Giordano), and to the Baroque palace Dragonetti. Just outside from the village at south-east, opens a small lake named Sinizzo.

Prata D\'Ansidonia

At 7 Km from S. Demetrio, Eastern direction, the village has a medieval aspect. At 1 Km South-East there is Castello Camponeschi, a fortified village well kept. Still little less than 1 Km at the left, there is a flat of the fracture Magno, the archeological rests of Peltuinum, on the old road of Claudio Nova (Wall, Amphitheater , Theater).


After leaving Peltuinum, you find again at the South East, after about 2 Km, the s.s. 17, you follow it for about 5 Km and then turn right. You then meet Caporciano (a small lake , for fishing) and Bominaco: the Church of S. Maria Assunta (XI-XII century) an elegant sample of Romanism of Abruzzo and the Oratorio of S. Pellegrino built maybe by the wish of Carlo Magno. It has splendid frescoes of the XIII century. One of the most famous monuments of Abruzzo. A small castle (half destroyed) dominates the small village.