L'Aquila, Pizzoli, Montereale, Campotosto e Valle del Chiarino

Direzione: nord-ovest s.s. 80 per Teramo | Durata: 1/2 giornata


It is reached leaving after about 13 Km the s.s.80, the junction on the left side for the s.s. 260. The village is surrounded by mountains and calandri. Visits can be made to the Castle Dragonetti de Torres of the six hundreds and the parochial Church of S. Stefano originated in the 2 hundreds.


It is reached proceeding for about 15 Km on the s.s.260, after numerous curves and turns. Feudal of the son of Carlo V. Margherita, contains the church of the 7 hundreds of the Beato Andrea, and at a short distance, the Church of S. Maria (going back to 1750) and the Palazzo Famese while the Municipal building was an ancient agostinian convent.


From Montereale you go down until Cavallari and you go up again for Aringo and Poggio Cancelli for about 25 km. You reach a wide artificial lake of Campotosto (the perimeter is about 64 Km). It is the widest lake and one of the highest in Italy (m 1420).

Valle del Chiarino

From Campotosto, after about 18 Km on the s.s.577 (direction AQ/TE) you cross the s.s.80. At the right hand side you come back to L\'Aquila after about 10 Km you meet at the left hand side a small lake of Provvidenza. On the right, after the breakwater barrier a long excursion by foot can be made in the valle del Chiarino. It takes about 1 hour to reach Masseria Cappelli and 1 hour to the beginning of the Chiarino. You can go up until the Sella del Venacquaro with a travelling course in the mountain of about 5,30 hours.