L'Aquila, Rocca di Cambio, Rocca di Mezzo e Ovindoli

Direction: south-west, Avezzano, Parco Nazionale d\'Abruzzo, SS5bis | Duration: from ½ a day to 1 day

Rocca di Cambio

Is about 23 Km from L\'Aquila on the s.s. 15, at the beginning of the Altopiano delle Rocche (meters 1380). Where usually Ottone II spend the summers. It is advised to visit the parochial church dell\'Annunziata and the Abbazia of S. Lucia (XIV century). Excursions are possible by foot or by skii lifts in Campo Felice (1650 meters), a famous skiing resort.

Rocca di Mezzo

Is 4 Km ahead on the s.s. 15. It is the site of Parco Velino Sirente, it is the base of numerous excursions by foot (Monte Rotondo, Monte Sirente, Piane di Pezza, and Refugio Sebastiani); the village is developed on the inside of ancient medieval walls.


It is 10 Km from Rocca di Mezzo, at 1400 meters is a village, one of the most noted for winter vacations and summer vacations in the L\'Aquila area. The southern part of the village looks at the plane of Fucino. It is possible to do excursions to the Gole del Celano (about 3 hours away), to Monte Sirente (2350 meters about 4 hours away) and to the Monte Magnola.