L'Aquila, Bazzano e Campo Imperatore

Direzione'il-tratturo-magno: SS17 per Pescara | Durata: da 1/2 giornata all\'intera giornata


About 6,5 Km from the centre of the city. From the architectural point of view particularly privileged is the Church of S. Giusta a Cripta (XIII century built on a previous construction in the XII century) . You leave s.s. 17 and proceed east towards Paganica. Overcoming the residential section, in the direction of Campo Imperatore at about 5 Km from Bazzano, you can meet, carved in the rock the simple and gracious Santuario della Madonna d\'Appari (XIII-XIV century).


It can be reached following the suggestive road, gotten from the rock, which from Paganica goes on for about 9 Km into the valley of Parco del Gran Sasso – Monti della Laga until the old site of Assergi built on an ancient Castrum. It\'s worth seeing the gracious church of S. Maria Assunta, built in 1150 on a previous monastery. Its face is in a roman style. The campanile a vela. After leaving Assergi you can chose to do and excursion by foot in the Valle del Vasto.

Fonte Cerreto

Can be reached after about 2 Km following the direction of Gran Sasso – Campo Imperatore. From here the cableway in only 7 minutes will take you to Campo Imperatore (2100m s.l.m.) .Upon arrival there is a plane, you can visit l\'Osservatorio Astronomico, il Giardino d\'Altitudine e l\'Albergo Campo Imperatore where, in 1943, Benito Mussolini stayed for a brief period.