Il Tratturo Magno e la Via dello Zafferano

Direzione: Pescara, S.S. 17 | Durata: da 1/2 giornata a 1 giornata

S. Maria dei Centorelli e S.Maria delle Grazie

S. Maria dei Centorelli (XVI century) , is built on an ancient tratturo (a passage for the sheeps and a drinking pond for them). On the left hand side of the s.s. 17 after overcoming S. Pio delle Camere (about 25 Km from L\'Aquila) there is S. Maria delle Grazie, a church built in the 5 hundreds , built for the refuge and comfort of the sheeps at the feet of the village Civitavecchia, about 3 Km in front of the preceding church.


Some kilometre ahead on the s.s. 17, there is a medieval town with elegant lived in buildings. It dominates the whole valley of the Piana di Navelli famous in a particular way for the production of zafferano and its high quality.


From Navelli you take the old S.S. 17 for about 7 Km. The village is noted for the finding in 1934, of the famous statue noted as the Guerriero di Capestrano (Archaeological Museum of Chieti). An ancient feudo mediceo and even before the Aragonesi and the Riccolomini. The Castello Piccolomini is of the ‘700 hundreds style and the convent of S. Giovanni is about 2 Km. from the village. Outside the village, there is a valley, almost joining the new S.S. 17, near the river Tirino, it is solitary and beautiful there is a church S. Pietro ad Oratorium, built and transformed in the XII century. There is and enigmatic writing on the portal.